D is for Dad. PH is for photo. M is for missing….

Why don’t I have any pictures of my dad?

I started wondering this and…. (oops, just realized I forgot to send a Father’s Day card again. Well, I’ll call anyway…)… where was I? Oh. I started wondering why I don’t have any pictures of my dad and a couple of theories came to mind.

1. He lives far away. Well, that’s kind of lame. I have a lot of pictures of people who live far away.

2. He is a vampire and vampires don’t show up on film. Or is that witches? Hmmm… need more research for that one.

3. He avoids the camera because he’s insecure about how he looks and is self-conscience about his nose and figure. No wait, that’s me.

4. He was a big fat meanie sometimes when I was little and now I’m passive-aggressively taking it out on him by not taking his picture. Nah. I take pictures of lots of mean people in my family. (that was a joke) But still, not likely. I don’t weed people out of group shots.

5. Bing! I think I just realized it! He is a loner. He’s not in any of the group shots because he’s off by himself cooking or reading or watching TV. I think I’m on to something.

6. Or maybe it’s because he’s usually the one holding the camera. That could fly too. Although it’s probably a combination of numbers 5 and 6.

Well, mystery solved. I’m a genius. Probably inherited ….

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