But I still won’t buy an extended warranty

Everything you own will either break or wear out. Everything. You just don’t know if it will happen on your watch.

Last night we found out that the ice machine tubing on the refrigerator had sprung a leak and had been dripping into the basement for over a day. Lots of water, lots of fun figuring out which valve shuts what off, lots of running to get towels.

But it’s “fixed” for now. That is, it’s shut off. And the basement is drying and nobody died. So really not much to be uptight about. Of course we didn’t budget for any plumbing repairs (we found another slow leak while working on the original one), but like I said, nobody died, so I can’t call it a crises.

And really, it feels silly to even gripe about it. Because everything we own will either break or wear out. And sometimes it happens on your watch. Keep towels handy.

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2 Responses to But I still won’t buy an extended warranty

  1. Edward Waters says:

    ‘Keep towels handy.’ A life-lesson reminiscent of the late Douglas Adams.

    By the way, we long ago turned off the water to our ice maker and went back to using plastic ice trays (the kind with covers) because we never liked the weird taste of refrigerator-generated ice — OR the nasty ‘dust’ (?) floating around in the bottom of a glass after the ice began to melt.

  2. Janet says:

    We just had an issue with our refrigerator too – ice machine quit working because the water line froze up (??) After googling for possible problems and fixes, Terry figured it out (thawed the line with my hairdryer) and now it’s working fine. About a week afterwards, Kitchenaid sent us an offer to their extended warranty program. I tossed it!

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