Plans. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Absolutely have to blog about ’em.

Actually, there’s not that much to sort out, considering how low key and simple the nuptials between Alice and Gary are going to be. But still, there’s stuff to plan, things to do, shoes to buy. (I love my life.)

And I have found that even the slightest planning details can become huge obstacles if left in my head. So here’s a list to get me started, and calm me down.

Stuff to plan/Things to do/Shoes to buy:

Get papers in order for the Justice of the Peace.
Make appointment with the Justice of the Peace.
Make honeymoon reservations.
Find restaurant for dinner w/ family after return from honeymoon.
Order cake for said dinner.
Find shoes to wear with the dress I discovered in my closet that will be PERFECT for marryin’ up in.
Live happily ever after.
Buy more shoes as needed.

There, now. That’s not too much to do. It could be done in a day! But why rush it? I’ve got until May and it’s safely here on … not paper. And if I get panicky in my head again, I can come back and see how simple it really is.

And now, on with the day. And to figure out what to do about supper tonight. Wow, that feels huge.

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