EEEEEEE!! I’m excited about Christmas!

Or maybe that’s the coffee talking. But I am excited about having all the kids home and having a new somebody to celebrate with. (I’ve got that goofy smile on my face that I get when I think about the new stocking on the fireplace.)

And I’m excited about getting a new phone charger for Christmas (I hope), and about the special meals and game day afternoons – board games, mostly, though an occassional football or basketball game on TV can be lovely to nap to.

I’m excited about a lot of things really – that the work I’ve been putting into updating my house is paying off, that I’ve got so many cool things to learn about my camera, that I’ve got the freedom to increase my cleaning business, that I’ve never had to miss a meal because of want in my life… So much to be excited and thankful about.

And of course, I’m excited about sharing my life with a wonderful man. Growing old is going to be fun.

Oh, I’m excited that I made strawberry blueberry muffins for breakfast and can’t decide whether to call them brawberry or strueberry (I’m leaning toward brawberry), And strangely, I’m excited about mopping my floors today. I love a clean floor!

Okay, that proves it right there. It is the coffee talking.

That’s fine, as long as I get to keep the goofy smile.

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