Party Pooper

There is a big difference between “getting married” and “being married”. I’m already a bit sick of the “getting married” process. Picking a date, figuring out how to make it fun, happy, and honest, and trying to help your family and friends feel welcome to celebrate. That’s work! I mean, it’s good work if you can get it, but still, it’s work. I just want to fast forward to the “being married” part. But we all have our dues to pay, I guess.

One thing came to me last night, we (the Postman and I) are going to have to do it our way. Not everybody is going to like what we do. So be it. I just hope they don’t feel slighted or unloved.

Here’s what I’m talking about: It looks like we won’t know for sure if he will get the day we pick off from work until 6 weeks before. That gives six weeks notice. Not much for out of town family. Plenty for the simple celebration we’re planning. But still, in my family, six weeks is …. shocking. Well, I guess it’s a good opportunity for my people to stretch their comfort zones and go with the flow. Who knows, maybe not being certain of the date will make it more fun. I can hope.

Now, if I can find a way to hide the location…

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2 Responses to Party Pooper

  1. Richard says:

    I feel the same. One of the things that puts me off the whole thing is the proccess! I think because I’ve been there before. The first time round everything is exciting. But, I think I am older inside and feel I should be married, not getting married.

    It made me think of going to see a film for the first time, all the adverts and trailers are exciting and the anticipation of the film. Now, it’s tedious, just get on with it!! I’d turn up just in time for the film to start except I just can’t do being late, I am always early! Ridiculously early!! Which makes it even more tedious!

    And organising people is also tedious! Life would be simple if you just say this is when and where and that’s all there is to it. But if you are sensitive to others, you care aboiut them saying they can’t make it then! And money!! I can’t afford a holiday let alone getting married. For me it would be a registrars office on a wednesday lunchtime. Then I would have a none legal blessing in the church I go to on a Sunday morning. The a feelowship bring and share lunch. I know a couple that did that and it was pretty romantic.

    Money doesn’t make it romantic it makes it hollywood! Certain people will feel they have to be there, well, if I did it in the church on a Sunday morning they’d know where it is. What was good was that no one dressed up for this wedding. Also it was a house church! There was no room for frocks and hats!

    Bah humbug! (Not to you getting married, just the whole thing that the society we are thrown into has decided we have to go through!)

  2. postalice says:

    Thanks, Richard!

    (Note to my family, I really do want you there – just kidding about hiding the location!)

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