The Gory Details

(Boy are you a glutton for punishment!) (Thank you.)

So…. yep…. I’m engaged. And, I’ve noticed that the word “engaged” looks a lot like “engagged”, which I hope is the only similarity.

The low down: Wedding in the Spring. Very simple, quiet affair. Probably a visit to the Justice of the Peace, and then a little family celebration following. Or we’ll just blow it out like the royals. We need to get closer to time to figure it out. And get loans. Just kidding.

Yes, I’ve got a lovely ring. And the best part about that is I have a visual reminder of his affection. If you know me very well, you know I can have trouble with insecurity. I love visual aids. They rock. (Get it? Rock… diamonds….)

Well, that’s all the planning I can do for now. More to come, I’m so sure. And hopefully some posts about other things because I hear that other things are actually happening in the world right now, though it’s probably just a rumor.

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