Poems found – my Discarded Journal.

(typed as found written, etc):

The night freeze pinched
a few more leaves from
the maples
They’re only now realizing it
as they drop down across long shadows and sunshine
I could try to catch one
as it dropped
But it’s nice here indoors
and my tea is still hot


I dreamed and I dreamed
(I was stroking a shabby grey cat and a long haired rabbit)
and my house was sparkling clean
then friends came by and had
close conversations
while I ate brownies and
licked the melted chocolate from my fingers.
(I could see you watching me from the corner of my eye)
and everything was soft and clean
and friendly and delirious
and it started to rain
so I opened a window
to let some of it in
and everyone smiled.


I’m not smart enough to dislike everything
to find out what’s wrong with everything.

When do you run for your life
and when do you wait?
I hope I never forget the
cold smile she gave
me in passing. I hope I
never forget it.
Shame is a great motivator.

If I were to let all my actions pass
before her eyes, very few would
find approval – most condemnation
some deserve it.

I can tolerate not being tolerated
for personality sake, but when she is
right and I am wrong
Then let me never forget her cold smile
if it works some good in me.

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One Response to Poems found – my Discarded Journal.

  1. Richard says:

    I dreamed and I dreamed – Tee Hee!! Nut case!! I like the surreal idea that you have a perfectly clean house and perfect prissy guests then open the window to let the rain in!! Surprised they didn’t lock you up! What was their smile hiding?

    I’m not smart enough to dislike everything- reminds me of my dad, he always makes sure he points out where I’m wrong!! I wonder how he ever let me out alone even now!!

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