It’s all in the wrists.

Do I sound like I don’t like marriage? Because I do. I do like marriage. Just wanted to be clear.

Even though I didn’t have the happy ending I had believed I would, it did end, and I am happy. So there you have it.

But back to love and marriage, they go together like a horse and carriage… or, as Bertie Wooster would say, “I’m simply bullish with it. Pip pip.” Okay, he wouldn’t say that. But I would!

Maybe it’s because I’m in love. Of course it’s because I’m in love! I’m very happily in love.

And, I know the future.

It’s like when you’ve had the flu before; you know how it will progress. You know the sore throat will develop into a painful cough…

Maybe the flu isn’t a great example. Maybe an airport is a better analogy.

My guy (let’s call him the Postman), the Postman and I were talking about this the other day. We are on the runway, waiting to take off. We’re all excited, the adventure is just beginning… the engines are roaring… it’s all good.

Most of our friends are already cruising, if they haven’t crash landed. Cruising is nice. Cruising is good. You can put your tray tables up and recline your seats. You are on the way. But, you can also put earplugs in and take a nap. Which can be okay, or habitual. If you shut out completely you may never hear the music signaling the impending airport disaster movie crash. Keep your eyes and ears open, my friends.

The Postman and I know this. We’ve lived this. We are living this again. Dang it’s exciting! Clear us for takeoff, baby!

Bertie wouldn’t say that either. But I would.

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One Response to It’s all in the wrists.

  1. Richard says:

    A simpler analogy that came to me is if you fall off of your bike get back on it. The same is said about horses. The longer you leave it the harder it will be.

    Sticking with the bike analogy, let’s say I fell off and walked around a bit and decided that I prefer walking, it wasn’t the falling off it was the riding the bike that has dawned on me. I understand that you may prefer riding. I have to say I look at bikes and think about it, but only in terms of a quick go!! Not in terms of it’s that or walking full stop!!

    I suppose for me if that’s as good as it gets then I’ll leave it! I suppose I am looking for a true friend and companion this time, and I’m not sure where she is!! When you’ve had one who was prepared to be a friend but wasn’t naturally, and vice versa. I want someone who is without trying and for whom I will be without trying. Is that too much to ask? I think so! But I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised one day!!

    In the mean time happy pedalling, Flying or suffering (flu analogy!!)

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